Company Background


Certain Communications Corporation ("CertCom") was founded in response to current technical and regulatory developments that are dramatically changing the way in which telephone companies connect voice calls between their respective networks, a function known as "inter-carrier services."

While making phone calls from a wireless or home phone may seem like one of the simplest tasks we do on a daily basis, the coordination of these phone calls among more than 4,000 domestic wireless, residential, enterprise and VoIP phone companies is an incredibly complex function.

Beyond the core process of managing an exponential number of network connections, there are two major drivers increasing the complexity of inter-carrier services: (1) ongoing changes in the federal laws that govern the payments made when phone companies connect calls between their respective networks, and (2) the continual evolution of Internet-based equipment and software that is increasingly used to manage voice call connections.

Strategic values

CertCom applies its expertise with the various components of the inter-carrier services industry to provide voice communications companies with cost effective, high quality network solutions that allow them to keep pace in the highly competitive market for landline and mobile end consumers.

One particular area of difficulty in todays communications environment is the connection of legacy networks, built before the widespread use of the Internet, with the new generation of networks that utilize the Internet as their core transport methodology.

We are working to become the leader in efficiently connecting these fundamentally different network types, helping to prolong the useful life of legacy networks while allowing next-generation network operators to focus on end user acquisition, rather than the expensive and time consuming implementation of backwards compatibility.

Our Technology Advantages

State-of-the-art switching platform

We use the latest IP-centric hardware and software to manage the flow of phone calls and related information across our network.

Robust information technology systems

We capture all call related information in secure, redundant database systems, and have the flexibility to provide each customer with data when they want it, how they want it.

Dynamic call routing processes

Our proprietary, server-based routing tools increase overall service quality and maximize cost savings for customers.

Comprehensive signaling capabilities

Whether it's translations from IP to TDM, SIP to SS7, or T.38 to traditional fax, we safely guide our customers’ calls through the myriad of pitfalls found across the domestic voice network fabric.

Our Team

CertCom’s management team brings together a diverse array of corporate and professional services experience. Our team is well versed in the high tech, high growth business environment. Prior accomplishments include:

  • Officer and Board level roles at VoIP, videoconferencing, long distance and satellite TV companies

  • Founders and early-stage executives at multiple start-up technology companies

  • Executive operators of $100 million+ revenue communications companies

  • Participants as executives, accountants and investment bankers in over $1 billion of technology-based corporate finance transactions

  • Negotiated business relationships with many of the largest technology and communications companies including Microsoft, Cisco, AT&T and Verizon

Vincent J. Arena  Chief Executive Officer   Todd A. Steiner  Chief Financial Officer   M. Will Bazdarich  Director, Network Operations   Stephen M. Cotrina  Network Engineering

Vincent J. Arena
Chief Executive Officer

Todd A. Steiner
Chief Financial Officer

M. Will Bazdarich
Director, Network Operations

Stephen M. Cotrina
Network Engineering