CertCom applies its expertise with the various components of the inter-carrier services industry to provide voice communications companies with cost effective, high quality network solutions that allow them to keep pace in the highly competitive market for landline and mobile end consumers.




C3 Termination – Traditional long distance service

We provide aggressively priced long distance termination service at Tier-1 quality levels. We focus on maintaining the highest possible call completion levels and actively manage our routes to ensure superior listening quality and proper handling of data/fax/DTMF applications.

Our service combines the underlying networks of several of the largest national carriers with our own managed network in select markets. We actively manage call flow to address any potential looping or repeat dialing items and can provide a comprehensive set of real-time network statistics to our telco customers.


iC3 Termination – Long distance for VoIP and enhanced providers

Our service for VoIP and enhanced providers offers all of the benefits of our traditional long distance product, while providing rate reductions made available through FCC inter-carrier access reform.


sdC3 Termination – Specialized long distance services for call centers and messaging services

We have developed a long distance service offering that is specifically designed to meet the technical requirements for carrying application-based and call center generated long distance traffic. Our systems handle the higher calls per second load, shorter call durations and increased database lookup requirements generally associated with this type of voice traffic. We can also work with our customers to tailor this service to their unique technical needs.



inC3 Origination – DIDs for inbound call applications

Our direct-inward-dial product allows our customers to acquire specific telephone numbers for their VoIP customers, or for specific business applications. We can provide many of the same real-time monitoring tools that are available for our termination services and can help our customers create custom products to specifically match their business models. We can provide local numbers to most of the major markets in the U.S., with extremely fast turnaround times on orders.

Protocol Bridging


C3 SIPconnect - Strategic partnerships for ILECs and CLECs to "IP enable" their legacy equipment

We specialize in bridging voice traffic between the TDM (time division multiplexing) networks that have been operated for decades by many traditional phone companies with the VoIP networks being employed by most new voice services providers. Contact us today to find out how we can help reduce costs and increase the capabilities of your network, helping to extend the life and maximize the return in your legacy network investment.

Consulting Services


Please contact us about development of voice-centric applications and switch implementations. We apply our broad knowledge of voice switching and routing technology along with web interface development capabilities to create customized platforms and tools. We specialize in the development of unique platforms that bring together both equipment and telco services to solve specific problems.